Who is reggie miller dating

05-Nov-2017 13:44

” Kay [sobbing profusely]: “I don’t know, I’m just sooo scared.I love you soooo much.” von Furstenberg: “How did he get that picture of you laying on the bed in that polka-dot thong you wore in Rio?However, according to a source, Cheryl’s friends tried setting up her in date with Riggie Miller, her younger brother.They were mentioned to be less aware that they are siblings.1996 Summer Olympics gold medalist, Reggie Miller is a former professional basketball player from United States.As a player, he played from Indiana Pacers in the National Basketball Association for about 18 years.A five-time All-Star selection, Miller led the league in free throw accuracy five times and won a gold medal in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

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One of five siblings, he comes from an athletic family. gold-medal winning Olympic basketball team and is an analyst for Turner Sports.

Singer also blasted the story as absurd, reminding everyone that the couple “isn’t even married.” Singer says Miller and Kay regularly hit each other up on the Blackberry [the real relationship wrecker].