Is abby wambach dating someone

07-Nov-2017 17:44

“One of the main ones is the idea of women empowerment, more importantly, people empowerment.” The U. Women’s World Cup final this past July in Canada — which shattered viewing records for soccer in the U. — was a game changer for women’s sporting events for many reasons, including the fact that Wambach kissed her wife Sarah Huffman after the historic win.That public display of affection, so natural for straight players, is something of which Wambach is acutely aware.i don't find using physical force to defend myself and the people i love ridiculous or unreasonable. Therefor i don't find the idea of someone else doing it ridiculous, esp not someone who is capable of it and shows tendencies for same. Saying she would beat the hell out of someone when not on a soccer field is kind of ridiculous. Why even present a scenario that isn't even close to what happened? It wasn't the first time, and it won't be the last. In the OP's defense though, brawls happen all the times in sports for less than that.

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I will believe that she is dating someone else when i see it.

“I feel so lucky because, when I was first on the team, there was really no ‘gay’ people on the team,” she said.

“In fact, there was almost the opposite, these girls were like: ‘No, we’re straight,’ so they had long hair and ponytails.

The only reason I check Huffy's SM is too see which one of them is going to drop the huge hints/news about them or see who is going to publicity move on first...which I think will be Huffy.

Whenever she does post though it keeps me wondering some things about what happened.

After all, she has scored more goals than any other woman (or man) in the history of international soccer.