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The plot will lead you to the Temple of the Ancients at this point.

However, when you first go there, you can't get inside, owing to the fact that you need to acquire a particular key item. Sorry" when she asks you if you've forgotten your promise. Say "Barret's snoring kept me up..." when she asks you how you slept the next morning. Don't get caught by the Security Lockdown; get to the end of the train. After defeating Airbuster, before Cloud falls, tell Barret to "Be strong". When Aeris is fleeing the guards, climb up to the top level and tell her to Wait each time. When Aeris asks if Tifa is your girlfriend, say "Yeah, that's right." 11.

Part 6: Things get messy The party continues up from floor 63 of Shinra building, but are captured again shortly after saving Aeris and Red XIII from Hojo.

A sudden reappearance of Sephiroth leads to President Shinra getting killed, and the party being chased out of Midgar.

RENO AND RUDE: Keep in mind as soon as you defeat either of them, both will pull out of the battle.

I've extracted the text directly from data files on the game CD, so you can be fairly certain that there aren't any transcription errors or missing lines.

Fortunately, both are quite vulnerable to Sleep; equip the [Seal]-[All] combination.

Reno and Rude employ some strong Fire-based attacks.

What am I missing, is there some step I must take to have this event unfold?

Don't worry: The date is a mandatory story event; you can't miss it.I manually went to the Golden Saucer, even stayed in the hotel but there was no cut scene or anything else happening.