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It 7b T«t»ji«o«s A^s-ojiwtjtlsu, if that Bo ok^ of Gentry be truly Ari- ftotlev^all agree that Socrates while his wife Xantippe lived, took alio into his houfe Myrto ()^ov a Msi S irc Xi Tbufi Toi evfci G/c Q^, medled with no ptiblique employment, though he were made alfo for Civil bufiaefs, as appeares by what he hath written j but the caufe was-, for that the Cufkoms of the State were wholly different from his learning) provides firft, for his principal Materials, thefeveral Frames, Conftitutions,aud Cuftoms of the States that then flout ifhed as well in Greece as in other parts of the World that were known to him. £ of this kind he called no Ai Juoui'/n Xtaiov the Frames or Forms ■'••*•"• of feveral States, or ownyn&oui m Mluaji, fever al States collc Si- ed, as his own words are at the end of his Ethicks where he profer Teth his having this provifion. Of Titles under Subordinate Princes in the Empire, had by Subin- feudation or otherrvife. Pilam^ faith he, in (Igna conjlitttiffe fertur Augu- P'„ alcg ' 5 ' rl n_ ri -rr 1 r 1 • rr a » 1 r Qit Te L Q'af. Since Jit Uinian it hath been more commonly Baienftiin Ko- us £ fa t hc Eaftern Empire and was called e (fome fay) £ E*o-/A«bs cauj Js Juflinuinct' or the Imperial Croft? Tunc iurgit Metropolitanus cum mitra , 8c in faldiftorio procumbit. Refp, All from this place to Scf»- fiterno fine fi- ne tetcrtiis, is 1 66 Titles of Honor. Die autcm ftatuto , Metropolitano, & Prxlatisin Ecclefia con- ftitutis, & fe veftientibus , Rex veftibus regalibus indutus cum Corona in capite , & Sceptro in manu , enfe praecedente, a fuis ailociatus vcnit ad Ecclefiam, et afcendit thalamum fu- um ', ct Metropolitano, ac Praelatis omnibus p.iratis, incipi- tur Mifla, more folito, etcontinuatur ufquc ad AUclnja, five ultimum verfum Tra6tns y vcl Sequent i^e exclu five.

Ton, that have been Ever at homely et have all Countries feen ; And, like a Compafs, \eepingone foot ft ill Vponyour center, do your circle fill Of general Knowledge j watctid men j manners too ; Heard,what pa ft times have f aid \ feen, what ours do ; Which Grace /ball 1 make love tofirft your skill} Or faith in things ? For the paifage in him is , that Demetrius Phalerem, Hieronymm Rhodius, Arifioxenus and Ariftotle (a JV to Trepi 'Euyw Ui /3i/3ai'o? And it is obferved by learn- ed a men that it was frequent in the State of Rome before the Empe- rors were Chrirtian to have both among their Enfigns in the field and urndflit'ini't in their monies, the Ball or Globe, the beginning whereof Isidore alfb Komnnahb.^ b refers to Ahqh SIus. " Md * Globe with a Crofs infixt on it which Jhewed that, by Faith in the flaw*. For the Globe denotes the Earth Jf JUJj JJS rehichis of like form, and the Crofs denotes Faith, becanfe God r* f£e videfis GJ* F/e/2) was nailedtoit. Reverendiffime Pater poftulamtts , ut Confortem no Uram nobis a Deo conjun&am bencdicere , C^* corona, reginali decora- re dignemini , adlaudcm , £ gloriam Salvatoris no&ri Jefu Chriiii. Tunc Fegina, quae in aliquo loco ad partem in Ecclefia a principio fteterat , a duobus Epifcopis paratis, non his, qui Regem deduxerunt, fed primis poft eos, crine foluto , 8c ca- pite velato, in veilibus fuis communibus ad Metropolitanum antealtare deducitur & facia Metropolitan© reverentia, co- ram illo genuflecrit, 8c ejus manum ofculatur. Vocantur omncs Pradati regni , atque omnia alia fiunt, quae fupra pro coronatione regis ordinara funt.

And that he wrote fuch a one is juftified alfo by Laertius in his life , and by a Athenxus } though indeed Plutarch doubt a Di p„ f op ^- whether b that Were his or no , which in his time was infcri- ? fame whereof the Fragment attributed to him is a part. That which we name a Globe or Mound here is alio fbme- times call'd an Apple, (bmetimes a Ball. 1 c o » according to Si vero tunc Kegina Bcnedicenda lit, Stcoronanda, quam- Ac-pmtfcait primum iplb Rege intronizato , & orationibus expletis , it* ar '«uiiou Metropolitanus cum Pradatis paratis ad altare reverfus in fal- »4«2Sij diftorio fedet, * the Kin s- Rexde folio fuo furgens, cum comitiva fua , Coronam in capite, & Sceptrum inmanu geftans ante altare ad Metropo- litannm proficifcitiir, 8c facia eireverentia, frans, deteclo ca- pite, petit Keginam benedici, & Coronari, fub his verbis. a tque alii Prjelati omncs dcponunt veftesfacras , & ad pro- pria quiiqj rcvertitur. tbe^ueem Si Re^e jampridem coronato , Regina Tola, utconjux illi- rtcw.^ us, coronanda fit , parantur duothalami, & alius locus, in J'^""- quo Regina a principio officii ufquc ad tempus coronationis expectat. For the Ufe in England as well tx France, was antienr, and fo alfo Oy the 0,1, Romania') in other Kii:g- doms, where Anointing was allowed, to anoint the what we find other wife in the Popes Canons, which Prin- ces obeyed at.

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