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18-Oct-2017 01:46

According to The Washington Post, the postings came to the attention of the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors jihadists’ ­social-media accounts.

The person who posted the images advised his Facebook friends to “get married” and come to the Islamic State’s territories in Iraq and Syria.

The Islamic State is reportedly resorting to sex trafficking in order to help fund its ventures.

Experts say that the increased pressure on IS coming from Iraq and Syria may be causing fighters to try to sell sex slaves as a new source of income.

This is a screenshot of an online promotion by Lens Culture for the Magnum 2017 photo competition, using photographs by Souvid Datta taken of girls in the red light district of Kolkata. On April 28, the magazine Lens Culture posted a photo of what appeared to be a man raping a girl who looks like a young teenager. The caption said the girl is 16 and is being forced to have sexual interactions with a "client" in the red-light district of Kolkata, called Sonagachi. Based on the content of the photo and its caption, the photo violated UNICEF's ethical guidelines on reporting on children by showing her face, which makes her identifiable, according to human rights activists. " He adds, "Another good question to ask is: If this was a family member of mine, would I want them portrayed like this?

The magazine — which has nearly a million Facebook followers — was using the photo to promote a competition in partnership with Magnum Photos, which cost to enter 10 photos. The girl is on her back, looking up at the camera, with a naked man on top of her. The agency writes: "Always change the name and obscure the visual identity of any child who is identified as a victim of sexual abuse or exploitation." The photo infuriated human rights activists and photojournalists. " Amid a barrage of protests from readers, photojournalists and human rights activists, Lens Culture took down the photo hours after it was posted.

"This is the elephant in the room: how we view the suffering of distant others," says human rights activist Robert Godden of Rights Exposure, which helps nonprofits and governments create effective and ethical campaigns. Datta did not respond to NPR's email request for an interview.

“She informed investigators she did not want the sexual acts to take place and tried to push away the defendant.” Morganton Police arrested him in May 2016 after responding to an assault call. She said Mendez hit her and shoved her down because she failed to cook dinner, the district attorney’s office said.

They even appealed to her conscience, telling her that Regn’s children would end up on the street if she did not make money as an “escort,” she told police.

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