Webcam show live

30-Sep-2017 04:05

And, we thank our loyal viewers, whose support and advocacy for our mission encourages and sustains our efforts.

Due to the extreme cold and darkness during the Antarctic austral winter, both cameras may experience downtime or even be disabled to protect the hardware.

For information about current research conducted at the South Pole, see the NSF South Pole Research Projects page.

Hurricane Patricia is a meteorological marvel but also poses a significant threat to Mexico's west coast and points inland as it comes ashore on Friday evening.

(And it cannot be stressed enough that anyone in the region should seek sound shelter before the storm)Though the storm's worst impacts are likely to be south of the tourist hub, Puerto Vallarta is still likely to see some of Patricia's winds and a lot of its rain.

Normally the first 3 weeks a very hot still the last week can be a bit cooler but still mid 20's.B-Pod, the right half of the station, is connected via the elevated walkway and can be used as the station's "lifeboat" during emergencies.